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Jill Langdon - Clinical Supervisor

Syringa Team
Jill started working for Syringa in 2008. I have my certification in Habilitative Intervention and I am a Clinical Supervisor. I have been providing 1:1 therapy services for many years, but I also have a role of doing HI Evaluations with new and existing clients and I create Program Implementation Plans for clients at Syringa. My absolute favorite part of working with the children is seeing their progress or hearing from parents about the progress they've made at home.

I am married and have a 2 year old son. In my free time, I find myself playing with him, but I also love playing in my garden and painting and drawing. I have a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences, Family Life and have attended numerous additional trainings since working at Syringa.

I grew up in a small town in Montana of only 1000 people. My father was a contractor, so naturally I love building projects and definitely have some "country" in me still...


HI: Habilitative Intervention

HS: Habilitative Support

and we do them very well.

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